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ECI 13, 6041 MA Roermond


Hans Teunissen, Martijn Aslander and more

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Innovation IT grand opening

About the event

This event is totally dedicated to the dynamic world of IT. Our goal is to make entrepreneurs meet all the present IT innovations and those of tomorrow. Corporates know very well that digitalising and innovating applications are crucial components to the company´s policy. These applications and opportunities develop in excruciating pace.

However, one cannot expect the entrepreneurs to follow all these IT developments themselves, let alone implement them. Innovation IT 2018 therefor lets the company managers experience for themselves to see how their business will look like within 5 years. This event will enable you to network, as well as orient and inform yourself in the dynamic world of IT.


Internet of Things

In 5 years’ time most devices, machines, means of transportation, etc. will be interlinked through digital networks. Because of that among others company processes, logistics, communication, financial management, etc. will be optimized. Specific product knowledge and adequate education will be of the essence.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Systems will be self-learning based on advanced software. Due to this all sorts of devices, such as e.g. robots, will become highly efficient “ employees” of your company. A.I. will reveal weaknesses in the company management operations and subsequently propose suitable solutions.

Intelligent Apps & Analytics

Most likely within 5 years your company will make use of apps, applications and services, based on A.I. The personalisation of your client contacts will be severely improved, through which their behaviour can be far better predicted. It will among others highly improve your policy on purchases and stock acquisition.

Augmented-, Virtual- & Mixed Reality

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality are tools which will be indispensable in the near future for your presentations. You will be able to display your product in a spectacular way to your clients. Combined with conversational forums, these stunning techniques will fundamentally enhance user experiences. These are the marketing techniques of the near future.

Data Security & GDPR

No company can afford an imprudent and inconsiderate attitude towards personal data. This implies customer files, but certainly also for human resources. As of May 18th 2018, the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be implemented. At this very moment there are smart software developments ongoing to link your Data Security onto GDPR.

MSMEs, Retail and Transport Innovations

Smart cash registers, smart assortment management, smart logistics planning. These are just some of the future applications which will highly improve company management. Together with additional applications you will be able to prepare your company into tomorrow´s world.

Blockchain Technology

Ever since the arrival of Bitcoin, we became acquainted with the blockchain phenomena. This technique was actually meant to simplify, but besides that optimize the control on financial transactions.

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As loyal the client used to be, he presently shops everywhere. And even more often online. But even that changes as instantly. The challenge is to blend this on- and offline purchase behaviour. Smart E-Commerce applications is an interesting method to implement this.

Cyber Security

It needs no further explanation that cyber security is of the utmost essence. The challenge is to outsmart the aggressor. There are numerous ways to do so. It is highly recommended to inform yourself about custom made applications.

Our keynote speakers

speaker name
Hans Teunissen

Depute of Province Limburg

speaker name
Martijn Aslander

TEDx Speaker and Visionairy

speaker name
Kurt Driessen

University Maastricht

speaker name
Rik Harmsen van der Vliet

Sana commerce

speaker name
Ruben Van Vreeland


speaker name
Rudolf Borgart

Alkonost development

speaker name
Manos Tsagkias

904 Labs

speaker name
Aad van Boven


speaker name
Frank Mosman


speaker name
Dirk Bongers


speaker name
Koen Klomp


speaker name
Dirk Vranken and Roger Heijmans

T2 Campus

speaker name
Paul de Vlieger

Digital Investigation

speaker name
Ronald de Jongh

3b plus

speaker name
Savier Laumen

Skyview and Drone Flight Company

speaker name
Michael van der Vaart




Through this event, the organizers strive to achieve that as many companies as possible will be enabled to focus onto the (near) future of IT. Besides this we want to make it possible that entrepreneurs of MSMEs companies can meet and brainstorm with one another about the innovative ICT applications and possibilities of tomorrow. Innovation IT 2018 offers a great and accessible platform to do so.

Today´s program will be arranged in various timeframes. During these frames, a broad scale of ICT themes will be illustrated and discussed. There will be workshops and keynote speakers. Together they will present you an inspiring exposure of your interest. Furthermore there will be company presentations and -pitches. You will get a clear and transparent view of how your company may function within the next 5 years.

Throughout the entire day many experts will be present to answer all of your questions. They will do their very best to clarify and provide insight into your ICT issues. Together, with or without congenial managers, you will be able to brainstorm about these issues and applications.


  • 11.30 -12.00 Walk-In
  • Before entering the opening auditorium, you can explore and enjoy the spectacular ECI Factory.

  • 12.00 – 12.30 Kick-off
  • OneSquad and Regitel welcome all guests and briefly introduce themselves. Shortly after they will give the floor to Hans Teunissen, Depute of the Province of Limburg, and Angely Waajen-Crins, City Council Member of city of Roermond.

  • 12.30 – 16.00 Workshops
  • You will be able to attend various workshops. These will be given by e.g. ROC students, companies, Maastricht University and many more.

  • 13.00 – 16.00 Keynotes
  • You will be able to attend keynotes, presentations and pitches, given by inspiring guest speakers.

  • 16.00 – 17.30 Closing and network dram
  • OneSquad closes the event, after which the guests will have the opportunity to socialize and do some networking, while having a drink and a snack.


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Participation is free and freely accessible. Registration is mandatory.

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The ECI Roermond is the new cultural centre of the city Roermond. The former factory complex has been spectacularly renovated. In doing so they have preserved the authenticity of this industrial factory building beautifully. In the building one can see the original piping, steel building constructions and brick walls. They have even kept the graffiti visible. Attending Innovation IT 2018 is thus a great opportunity to see for yourself how spectacular it looks. Inside you will find One, a 1-star Michelin Restaurant. Directly opposite from there you will find a friendly restaurant, annex bar and a beautiful terrace on the bank of the river Roer. The ECI Roermond has kindly and freely opened its doors for this day.

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